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Autism Resources in Macon, Georgia

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October 7, 2022 Autism Resources in Macon, Georgia

An autism diagnosis can be tough for any parent to deal with. However, you are not alone. 

Below is a list we have compiled of autism resources for parents living in Macon. 

Resource List for Children with Autism in Macon, Georgia

The following resources include:

These programs support children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and their families.

Central GA Autism, LTD

Central GA Autism, LTD is a volunteer-based organization that supports families affected by autism. The active group schedules community events, locates sensory-friendly activities, plans moms’ nights out, and identifies scholarships and other opportunities for children with ASDs and their families.  

Central GA Autism, LTD maintains an active Facebook page with regular updates on events and outings.

The Autism Community in Action 

The Autism Community in Action (TACA) is a national organization providing support, education, and hope to families living with autism. The national group offers free webinars, extensive resources, events, and conferences. 

Additionally, the local group offers support chats, a mentorship program where newly diagnosed families are guided through their new challenges with a family who has gone through similar experiences, and local resources.

Families can stay up to date on local and virtual upcoming events through the TACA Georgia Facebook page

Georgia Department of Community Health 

The Georgia Department of Community Health offers several options for families to bring health care benefits to uninsured children. These benefits include: 

  • Preventive care 
  • Specialist care 
  • Primary care
  • Dental care 
  • Vision care
  • Mental health care
  • Hospitalizations
  • Prescriptions 

Georgia families have a choice of health care plans, allowing them to choose the option that best suits their needs. 

Babies Can't Wait

The Babies Can't Wait (BCW) program through the Georgia Department of Public Health assists families with children experiencing developmental delays or who have a condition that can cause delays. 

BCW determines whether a baby or toddler is eligible for the program. The services coordinated through BCW are free to participating families, and the program may be able to provide financial assistance for additional services. 

Babies Can't Wait is designated for children up to three years old. 

Parent to Parent of Georgia

Parent to Parent of Georgia is a program matching parents with similar experiences so they can support each as they navigate raising a child with special needs. In addition, they offer: 

  • An online database to locate local providers and groups
  • Information on navigating services and experiences
  • Training
  • Special events 

Parent to Parent works with families from birth until 26 years of age, from diagnosis through employment. 

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program awards funds to thousands of students yearly, allowing those with an IEP or 504 to receive aid to attend private schools that can serve their needs. The scholarship amounts range from $2,000-14,000 yearly. 

Navicent Health Autism Support Service Center

The Navicent Health Autism Support Service Center offers developmental assessments, interventions, and support for children with ASD and their families. 

In addition, they offer physical, occupational, speech and language therapy, pediatric psychology, family support groups, and recreational activities, including swimming lessons and music therapy.

Waves Autism Center

The Waves Autism Center provides children with ASD with in-person and online social and life groups, allowing them to connect with like-minded peers their age to form new friendships and develop social skills. 

The Waves Autism Center also offers summer day camps, including a six-week game design camp that allows members to build new skills while forming new relationships.

Miracle League of Macon

The Miracle League of Macon allows boys and girls ages five and up to learn, play, and enjoy baseball. The organization welcomes children of all skills and needs with weekly practices and games. 

The Macon branch of the national Miracle League plays in the fall and spring. 

Aerie Experiences

Aerie Experiences is an Atlanta-based organization that offers single and multi-day programs for those with emotional, behavioral, educational, and developmental needs. The expeditions focus on teaching character, independence, and self-reliance, and they include adventure-based counseling games and courses. 

In addition, they offer camps for kids, teens, and families and scholarships for those in need. 

ABA Therapy in Macon, Georgia

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for autism uses the science of learning and behavior to increase positive behaviors and reduce harmful or negative behaviors. 

It's a highly effective methodology to increase verbal and communication skills, develop a longer attention span and better focus, and improve social skills, memory, and learning.

If you are looking for ABA therapy in Macon give us a call. Hidden Talents is the premiere ABA therapy provider in Georgia and we are ready to help.

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