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November 30, 2022 Autism Walks in Atlanta with Hidden Talents ABA

Autism walks bring the community together. They promote autism research and awareness and draw increased support for those affected by autism spectrum disorders. 

These events seek volunteers and participants who can bring attention and understanding to autism spectrum disorder. If you’re looking to help the autism community, Atlanta autism walks are a great place to start.

How Do Autism Walks Help the Community?

Autism walks and runs support nonprofit organizations that address the unmet needs of those affected by autism. 

As we observe Social Work Month, it's essential to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of social workers in supporting individuals and families affected by autism. Social workers play a crucial role in providing guidance, advocacy, and access to resources for those navigating the complexities of autism.

Many of those with autism spectrum disorder require counseling and support to find safe adult housing, employment, school services, health care, and educational training and assistance. 

In addition, autism fundraisers promote research, representation among decision-makers, and funding for special education needs. Autism support agencies work to create a consistent, strong voice for those with autism and their families.

Along with fostering large-scale changes, many autism groups use the money raised through walks and races to provide financial assistance to families unable to afford specialized therapies and other critical programs. 

The Main Autism Walks in Atlanta, GA

Both large and small nonprofit organizations that support those on the autism spectrum use community-building walks and runs to champion local and national autism resources and assistance. 

Atlanta autism events are often held in the spring or fall. Participants of all ages and abilities have the chance to come together. 

Atlanta Autism Speaks Walk

Participating in the Atlanta, Georgia, Autism Speaks Walk is free. However, it still serves as the organization’s largest fundraising event of the year. 

Through participants’ and sponsors’ efforts and donations, the walk funds research, support, and services for those affected by autism spectrum disorder. 

In addition to the financial donations raised through the Autism Speaks Atlanta Walk, the event gathers those with autism and their families, friends, and care providers to grow the community and form new connections. 

The Autism Speaks Atlanta walk is an October event, and the celebration begins at 8 a.m. for day-of registration. The walk’s opening ceremonies start at 9 a.m., with the walk immediately following at around 9:15. 

Strollers, wheelchairs, and wagons are all welcome on the mile-long course on Battery Avenue. Those interested in volunteering or participating can follow the event online to learn about upcoming dates.

Pure Hearts of Georgia Autism Awareness 5K Fun Run

Pure Hearts of Georgia is an Atlanta-based nonprofit created by families affected by autism. The organization’s 5K fun run is an April event hosted at Newtown Park in Johns Creek. 

Completely volunteer-organized, the event welcomes all ages and abilities. The Pure Hearts team guides runners around the track for the three laps that make up a full 5K and supplies them with snacks and drinks for their post-run recovery.

Participants can enjoy upbeat music and a welcoming, enthusiastic atmosphere throughout the event. 

Pure Hearts of Georgia emphasizes neurodiversity and inclusivity, working to ensure that those in the community who are on the autism spectrum have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. Follow Pure Hearts of Georgia through its website and social media to keep an eye on future events.

Autism Speaks 5K

In addition to the Autism Speaks Atlanta walk, Autism Speaks also offers an annual Georgia 5K held in November to support their work further. 

The Autism Speaks Georgia 5K is a chip-timed event held in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. The race helps fund the organization’s work to promote research and solutions for those affected by autism and to help those in urgent need of immediate assistance. 

Autism Speaks is the nation’s largest autism advocacy and research organization. Its work impacts the greater autism community and individuals unable to identify and afford the best tools to foster long-term success. 

The Autism Speaks Georgia 5K begins at 7:30 a.m. with packet pickup and same-day race registration. 

The race itself starts at 9 a.m. Participants can also complete a virtual race anywhere in the country. 

For questions, you can contact the race’s coordinator, Erin Turner, at (770) 451-0570 or follow the event online for updates.

Georgia Race for Autism

The Georgia Race for Autism is an annual event held in October alongside the Fall Festival at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. As a USATF-certified race and a qualifying 5K for the Peachtree Road Race, the event attracts those affected by autism, the local community, and serious competitors. 

However, you don’t need to be a runner to enjoy the Georgia Race for Autism. The event also includes a one-mile fun run, a 100-yard dash, and a Tot Trot. 

Full of food, vendors, and resources, the Georgia Race for Autism supports the SPECTRUM Autism Support Group, which provides clubs and camps for those on the autism spectrum. 

Discover the Tools and Resources to Help Your Child Thrive

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Specializing in improving communication, social, and adaptive skills, our dedicated therapists come to you so that your child can remain in the comfort of their home as they obtain the skills necessary to thrive. 

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