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Autism Resources in Georgia

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September 23, 2022 Autism Resources in Georgia
According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 44 children in the US gets a diagnosis that falls within the autism spectrum. Having a child with autism can be rewarding as well as challenging, which is why the state of Georgia offers a variety of resources to help.  Learn more about the options available. 

Resource List for Children with Autism in Georgia

If your child has autism and you live in Georgia, there are financial resources, scholarship opportunities, and support groups you can turn to for help. Here are some of the best in the state.

Parent to Parent (P2P) of Georgia

This resource offers help to parents of children with disabilities or who have special healthcare needs. It allows parents to help others, and it offers various support groups parents can join in person or online. 

West Georgia Autism Foundation

The West Georgia Autism Foundation offers grants to families who need help caring for an autistic child. You can receive one grant each year.  This foundation offers community outreach and focuses on helping families enrich the life of a child on the autism spectrum. 

Social Skills Summer Camp

The Social Skills Summer Camp is a camp that welcomes children ranging from kindergarten age to teens who are on the autism spectrum. It helps children improve social skills in a fun environment.  There are scholarships available. The children best suited for the camp are those who have verbal skills. 

Learning on the Log

This recreational program teaches social skills to help build relationships using sensory recreational activities. Team building exercises, swimming, and hiking are some of the many activities.  For younger children, the program also offers a day camp and preschool camp. They offer scholarships for those in need. 

Georgia Autism Center

The Georgia Autism Center helps families of children on the autism spectrum get accurate diagnoses, create the best developmental strategies, and teach the child how to gain independence.  Specialists assess the financial circumstances of each family to provide the community and financial support needed. 

Dottie Adams Scholarship Fund

The Georgia Council of Developmental Abilities offers grants to help individuals and families with autistic children go to events and conferences related to advocacy or that have an educational purpose. 

Georgia Kids FIRST Special Needs Fund

This is a general scholarship fund focusing on offering scholarships for children K-12 with autism and other special needs that make learning difficult. The scholarships allow families to get the educational help their child needs. 

Georgia’s Special Needs Scholarship

This scholarship allows parents of children with special needs, including those who have autism, to use state money to send the child to a private school that can offer the educational help the child deserves. 

Autism Foundation of Georgia

The Autism Foundation of Georgia offers funding for the creation of programs geared toward people with autism, especially children. 

PeachCare for Kids

The Georgia Department of Community Health has PeachCare for Kids, which helps children who do not have insurance that covers the healthcare needs they have. The program offers:
  • Preventive care
  • Primary care
  • Specialist care
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
It can also cover hospitalizations, emergency room service visits, mental healthcare, and medications. To be eligible, your child cannot have current coverage or Medicaid eligibility.  ABA therapy is one of the treatment options they offer. 

ABA Therapy in Georgia

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that focuses on the science of behavior and learning. During ABA therapy, your child works one-on-one with the practitioner.  The goal of ABA therapy is to improve social skills. It can also help:
  • Teach the child to transfer learned behaviors to new situations
  • Teach the child how to react to new environments
  • Reduce negative behaviors
  • Implement self-control and self-regulation 
It is a particularly excellent treatment option to help children on the autism spectrum adapt to different social scenarios.  It can teach a child that negative behavior is not accepted while also rewarding positive behavior. This teaches the child that there are consequences to how they act.  ABA therapy also helps with the improvement of language skills. This therapy can be easily customized to fit each child and their particular needs.  One of the centers that focus on this type of therapy is Hidden Talents. Hidden Talents is one of the premier providers of ABA therapy in Georgia.  Hidden Talents offers ABA Therapy throughout Georgia from the comfort of your home so your child feels comfortable. The providers of this type of therapy will always work closely with the parents to create the best type of therapy plan for the child. 

Get Help in Georgia

If you live in Georgia and have a child diagnosed with autism, it is crucial that you know what kind of help you can turn to. There are excellent resources out there that can make a difference for your family.