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Autism Walks in Macon, Georgia

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October 24, 2022 Autism Walks in Macon, Georgia

When someone you love has autism, it’s easy to see the value in events that raise awareness, provide community support, and fund research and treatments. 

Autism walks in Macon, Georgia are among the most impactful fundraisers for autism, and the Central Georgia community has several to choose from. 

What Are Walks for Autism?

Walks for autism are events that inspire people to raise money and learn more about the autism community while participating in a healthy, exercise-based activity. 

Some autism walks and runs in Macon are locally minded, created to increase funding for nearby programs that support those with autism and their families in living independent, successful lives. 

In addition to their fundraising benefits, autism walks and races create inclusion, knowledge, and awareness of autism in the region while also encouraging everyone to rally around a worthy cause.

Autism Walks in Macon, Georgia

Autism walks bring people together, inviting participation from people of all ages. In addition, since they’re fundraisers that don’t require tremendous resources to set up and run, the money raised can go where it’s needed most. 

Macon and Central Georgia host three main events every year. 

Macon Tracks Autism 5K

The Macon Tracks Autism 5K Trail Race and Fun Run is part of the annual Autism Awareness Festival held with the Anchors of Hope Foundation to benefit their programs. 

The Autism Awareness Festival is an annual event occurring on the last Saturday in April at Dayspring Presbyterian Church in Forsyth, Georgia. The community event includes a resource and craft fair, entertainment, food vendors, a kids’ play area, and the 5k trail race and family fun run. 

Anchors of Hope serves a critical role in the autism community of Macon, providing families with scholarships, resources, support groups, and respite care. You can become involved in the 5k trail race and fun run by following the event online or by contacting Anchors of Hope directly. 

Middle Georgia 5K for Autism

The Middle Georgia 5K for Autism is an annual event held in April that offers food, fun, and entertainment while raising money for a worthy cause. The organizations Suffered in Silence Incorporated, Single Moms Connect, Inc., and Bossladi Enterprises sponsor the event. 

Held in Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley, Georgia, the race offers beautiful views, fun, and community engagement. All of the event’s proceeds go to the Middle Georgia Community Action Agency’s Head Start program supporting students on the spectrum. 

In addition, the event helps fund family support events offered by Middle Georgia Autism Projects.

You can learn more through the event’s webpage and Facebook page

FBBC Parents of Special Needs Children Autism Walk and Family Fun Day

The April FBBC Parents of Special Needs Children Autism Walk and Family Fun Day in Warner Robins, Georgia, advocates for autism awareness, acceptance, and inclusion. 

The event funds the Waves Autism Center, which offers day camps, social programs, parental support, and educational workshops for families touched by autism. It takes place in Memorial Park at 800 Armed Forces Boulevard and includes games, food, and other entertainment. 

If you want to learn more about FBBC Parents of Special Needs Children, you can contact the organization directly by emailing You can also follow the event online.


We hope you found this information about the available autism walks in Macon useful. If you have a child with autism and are looking for ABA therapy in Macon give us a call. Our dedicated team will be able to answer any of your questions. 

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