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Autism Support Groups in Macon

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October 24, 2022 Autism Support Groups in Macon

One of the biggest challenges after your child receives an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis is knowing where to find the assistance they need. 

Wading through programs and resources is daunting and can quickly become frustrating without help. An autism support group can serve as an essential first step.

What Are Autism Support Groups?

An autism support group is a community of individuals affected by ASD who work together to share victories and struggles, offer advice on techniques and programs, and provide a sense of community to those who feel isolated. 

Professionals or other parents can lead autism support groups. They may have a set theme for each meeting or use an informal structure that allows parents to bring their most pressing issues to their peers.

The Importance of Having an Autism Support Group

All parents and families need a solid network of support. Unfortunately, finding those who can help becomes much more challenging when your child has ASD. 

Raising a child with the unique challenges of autism can be especially difficult and isolating when those around you have different struggles. An autism support group lets you share your stories, experiences, and concerns with parents facing similar challenges. 

Meeting with a support group may lead you to discover new programs, therapies, or techniques; create new friendships and connections; and be part of a community of families who understand what you’re going through.

While many autism support groups target parents and caregivers, there are also groups for siblings, children on the spectrum, and whole families.

The 4 Best Autism Support Groups in Macon, Georgia

Parents, caregivers, and families seeking support groups in Macon, Georgia, have several options to fill their needs. These groups offer families a resource to celebrate their victories, challenges, and discoveries as they raise children with ASD.

1. Central GA Autism, Ltd.

Central GA Autism is an active nonprofit organization providing support and resources to families whose child has been diagnosed with ASD and is composed entirely of families whose loved one has ASD. In addition, Central GA Autism offers group meetings and outings, mostly tracked on the group’s Facebook page.

Those interested in joining can follow the organization’s social media accounts or contact the group directly.  

2. Anchor of Hope Foundation

The Anchor of Hope Foundation provides spiritual and financial support to families with disabilities and offers encouragement, services, and community resources to those in need. 

Its programs include a regularly scheduled parent support group, monthly parents’ night out events that offer parents free care for their children while they reconnect, and other valuable resources. 

Families can get involved via the foundation’s website or by emailing

3. Parent to Parent of Georgia

Based in Atlanta, Parent to Parent of Georgia offers online and in-person support groups throughout the state as well as the Supporting Parents program.

Supporting Parents is a volunteer, mentor-based program that trains and matches experienced parents with those who may be new to an ASD diagnosis or struggling with new challenges. 

4. Navicent Family Support Services

Navicent Family Support Services provides families with programs and resources to support children with ASD, including developmental assessments, therapies, and recreational activities.

Its Autism Development Center offers regularly meeting support groups for families. You can learn more about the meetings by calling 844-482-2264.


We hope you found this list of autism support groups useful. If you have a child with autism and are looking for ABA therapy in Macon give us at Hidden Talents a call a call. Our dedicated team will be able to answer any of your questions.