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How Grants in Texas Can Help Children with Autism

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August 29, 2022 How Grants in Texas Can Help Children with Autism

Having a child with autism will mean extra costs. Many families struggle to pay for the services they need so they can offer their children the care they deserve. 

In Texas, there are many grants that can help families who have autistic children. Learn more about what a grant is and which ones may be available to you.

The Benefits of Grants and Scholarships for Children with Autism

A grant is a way for an entity, usually the government, a company, or a foundation, to give money to an individual or another entity for a specific purpose. It is not a loan because you don’t have to pay the money back.

The grant cycle begins with the entity creating the funding, reviewing applications, deciding on who is the right recipient, and then implementing the grant. 

Grants for families with autistic children usually have specific focuses, like offering money for learning or behavioral therapy. Some of these grants have income caps, while others offer grants to anyone, regardless of economic circumstances. 

In Texas, grants for autistic children can help cover costs, including: 

  • Transportation costs
  • Vacation costs
  • Animal therapy sessions
  • Nutritional assistance
  • Special education
  • Education after high school 

Turning to a grant can mean being able to offer your child the help they need. This can include emotional support, learning assistance, and even the chance to improve social skills.

Let’s look at what to know when applying for a grant. 

What Should I Know Before Applying for a Grant or a Scholarship?

Applying for a grant can seem overwhelming at first, but there are tips that can help you manage the process. 

The first thing to remember is that you want to carefully read the application process and the requirements for the grant. You want to make sure that the grant is a match for your needs and that you qualify for it so you don’t waste time applying for something you cannot benefit from. 

If the grant is for the purchase of equipment or specialized treatments, consult with your child’s doctor before applying. They will be able to tell you whether it is really going to be helpful for your child or not.

If you do get chosen for the grant, it is always appropriate to send a thank you letter. 

It can also be helpful for the grant to receive pictures of your family or your child engaging in the activities the grant pays for. This can allow the grant to get more donations in the future to help other people. 

Remember that if you don’t get chosen the first time around, keep trying. The worst thing you can do is give up. 

If you are ready to apply for some grants in Texas, we offer a list of some of the best options. 

The Best Grants for Children with Autism in Texas

These are some of the most helpful grants in Texas, but the options on the list are by no means the only ones you have available. 

Different Needz Foundation 

This foundation provides grants for children with developmental disabilities. The grant helps pay for special equipment for physical therapy, like wheelchairs, braces, and gait trainers, as well as for many other types of therapies.

Applications for the Different Needz grant become available in January, and the foundation announces the recipients in May of each year. 

The Maggie Welby Foundation

This scholarship provides money for children from kindergarten up to 12th grade who have a disability or illness and have financial needs. The family of Maggie Welby created the scholarship to help children in need have positive experiences that can help them manage their disabilities. 

To apply, you must complete the application and submit it with an essay. 

ACT Today

Autism Care Today offers a grant that can help the families of autistic children get the monetary support they need. The value of the grant may be up to $5,000. 

They offer grants to cover services and equipment, and they have a special grant for children with autism who come from a military family. They can offer funds to provide:

  • Protective helmets
  • GPS trackers 
  • Sensory equipment 
  • Installation of protective fencing

The grants can also cover the costs of iPads to help children with autism get access to special apps created for their development. They can also cover the costs of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), which is one of the leading therapies for autism

Other programs that ACT Today can help with include Social Skills Learning and summer programs created for children with autism. There is also Autism Care Today Español for Latino families. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation

This foundation offers scholarships for types of therapies as diverse as equine therapy, swimming lessons, and more. 

The scholarships make it possible for children with autism to receive iPads so they can have access to some of the best developmental apps. Autistic children who struggle with interpersonal relationships and social skills can also benefit from attending the Social Skills Camp, for which the foundation has a scholarship. 

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation also offers its holiday gift card program. For families who would not be able to otherwise celebrate the holidays, the foundation can help. 

Organization for Autism Research

For older children who would like to continue receiving education after high school, this grant offers the chance to get monetary assistance. The scholarship is for children across the autism spectrum. 

There are various options, including scholarships for children who want to attend two or four years of undergraduate college, as well as scholarships for vocational schools, technical schools, and more. There is an option for children of color, as well. 

Get the Assistance Your Family Needs

Know that you are not alone if you have an autistic child and you find yourself struggling. There are many scholarships and grants available in Texas to help you get the support you need for your child. 

By taking the time to learn about the options you have, you can find the right assistance to be able to offer your child the quality of life they deserve. 

If you are ready to work with the best Applied Behavior Analysis therapy provider in Texas or Georgia, give us a call at (404) 487-6005. Our dedicated team is ready to help and we will treat you like family.