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Autism Support Groups in Houston

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November 4, 2022 Autism Support Groups in Houston
Autism support groups can help parents and caretakers of children with autistic children find guidance and feel less alone. Support groups are invaluable resources for families with autistic loved ones. Read on to learn why support groups are essential and what are the best ones in Houston. 

What Are Autism Support Groups?

Autism support groups consist of family members, teachers, doctors, and others who have contact with children on the autism spectrum.  These groups offer guidance by allowing people to share experiences and techniques for dealing with problem behaviors while also making it easier to find expert help through seminars and guest speakers.

The Importance of Having an Autism Support Group

Autism support groups are appropriate for many groups of people who work or live with children on the autism spectrum. These can include:
  • Grandparents
  • Social workers
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
These support groups provide safe spaces for members to share the frustrations they may feel without worrying about judgment from others.  An autism support group can help you feel less alone as you navigate how to help a child with autism.  Many autism support groups offer resources that can help you, in addition to hosting therapists and other specialists that you can learn from. 

The 5 Best Autism Support Groups in Houston, Texas

If you’re considering joining an autism support group, there are some excellent ones in Houston, Texas. 

1. Heart of Texas Autism Network

The Heart of Texas Autism Network helps parents learn how to advocate for their children in the public school system. They have potluck dinners where experts and therapists offer training and other advice and information.  The event is a good way to network and find access to resources. The Heart of Texas Autism Network has collaborated with many organizations to provide assistance for events, conferences, and more.  Call 254-863-1131 or email for more information.

2. Blue Skyes Over Autism

Blue Skyes Over Autism is a support group that provides education opportunities and respite events for family members who have an autistic loved one. These events help promote awareness and seek to create lasting bonds among families.  The group focuses on the Houston, Texas, area, but it also reaches out to families in other countries with autistic loved ones. You can contact them via their online form

3. Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is one of the largest resources available for families of people with autism. It offers information and events that raise money for families who are struggling.  Autism Speaks sponsors support groups in all of its chapters, with options like sibling support groups and online support groups, to name a few. Autism Speaks also has an autism response team that works like an information line for the autism community.  Learn more by calling 1-888-288-4762 or by writing to

4. Autism Society of Texas

The Autism Society of Texas is the country’s leading grassroots autism support organization. It provides public awareness while also offering information on the latest treatments.  The Autism Society of Texas sponsors local and national support groups, as well as online groups, so you always have someone to talk to. The Houston Parent and Caregiver Online Support Group, for example, meets virtually on the third Thursday of every month.  Call 1-888-288-4762 or email for more information.

5. Houston Autism Family Support Group

The Houston Autism Family Support Group is a family-led group that organizes multiple activities every month to encourage participation from the entire family. The support group networks with other organizations in the area to offer training for parents and caregivers while also including the loved one with autism in the conversation.  Email the group at

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this autism support group list useful. If you are looking for the best ABA therapists in Houston, give us a call. Our team is ready to help and will treat your child like family.