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Autism Bracelets

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September 30, 2021 Autism Bracelets

If your son or daughter has autism, safety is constantly on your mind. You want others to know about the diagnosis, and you want to ensure that medical providers have any needed information during emergencies. You can accomplish this by having your son or daughter wear an autism bracelet.

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What Is an Autism Bracelet?

An autism bracelet is essentially a medical ID for people who are on the spectrum. The bracelets quickly communicate that the wearer has autism. Plus, the bracelets can contain:

  •       Emergency contact information
  •       Medical information

These bracelets might sound simple, but they are very important.

Why Are Autism Bracelets Important?

By wearing an autism bracelet, your child will alert others that he or she is on the spectrum. This is especially beneficial when your child is out in public without you or the other parent. When others realize your child has autism, they can interact accordingly. This makes it much easier for your child to get the support needed in public.

Autism bracelets also contain vital medical information. If your child has a medical emergency, healthcare providers can use the bracelet to learn about allergies and more. Thus, your child will get the necessary care, even if he or she cannot communicate. This can mean the difference between life and death in some situations.

In addition, the bracelet makes it easy for others to contact you. If your child does have an emergency, a witness or first responder can call you so you can tend to the situation.

Due to these important benefits, you’re likely considering buying an autism bracelet for your child. First, we’ll go over some tips for making a purchase. Then, it will be much easier to get a bracelet that will protect your son or daughter.

Tips for Autism Bracelets

If you’re new to the world of autism bracelets, you probably don’t know where to begin. First, let’s look at some basic tips to consider when shopping for these bracelets, starting with purchasing one your child wants to wear.

Buy One Your Child Wants to Wear

An autism bracelet can only help if your child wears it. Thus, it’s important to choose one that your son or daughter wants to wear.

This often comes down to colors. Children are more likely to wear a bracelet in a color they like. You can also have your child help you pick out the bracelet to ensure he or she likes it. Then, your son or daughter will get excited about putting it on each day. It will be a fun accessory instead of a medical alert bracelet.

Get It Personalized

Also, get the autism bracelet personalized. Include important information, such as your child’s name and an emergency contact number. Also, you can list medical conditions, such as allergies.

Finally, you can add a fun tidbit when personalizing the autism bracelet. For example, if your child loves a certain character, add it to the bracelet. That can come in handy when others are trying to connect with your son or daughter. This can also help calm your child down in public situations.

name bracelet

Buy a Few in Case They Get Lost

No matter how careful you are, you could lose the autism bracelet. Because of that, it’s important to purchase several so you’ll have backups.

If your child only likes one color, you can buy several in the same color. However, if your son or daughter likes to mix things up, choose different colors to provide a selection.

Next, let’s look at the best brands of autism bracelets. Then, you can take the next step and order a bracelet for your child.

Best Brands of Autism Bracelets

The market is full of autism bracelets, so the question is, which brand is the best? There are actually three solid choices you can choose from when shopping for these brands. Let’s look at each one, starting with Alert Me Bands.

Alert Me Bands

Alert Me Bands is probably the most popular manufacturer of autism bracelets. There are tons of designs to choose from, allowing wearers to show off their personal styles. This includes bracelets with autism puzzle pieces or ribbons, which can serve as an obvious indicator of the wearer’s autism.

Once you choose the bracelet you want, you can select the color and add up to four lines of text. While the text is often used for emergency contact information, you can also add medical information, as we mentioned earlier.

Also, these bands are adjustable, so people of all wrist sizes can wear them. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your son or daughter taking it off. While you can easily take the band on and off, you also have the option to childproof it. Then, your child won’t be able to remove it without your help.

Medical ID Fashions

Artist and cancer survivor Abbe Sennett designs and creates autism bracelets and then sells them under the name Medical ID Fashions. She designs “unremovable” autism bracelets, meaning that two hands are needed to take the bracelets off. Thus, your child cannot remove the bracelet without assistance.

The bracelets are fashionable, so kids enjoy wearing them. At the same time, they contain all the relevant information on the ID tag. The ID tag has four customizable lines, so you can include emergency contact information, medical information, and more. You can even use one of the lines to add a fun fact, such as that your child loves Spiderman. 

The ID tag hangs off the bracelet and is clearly visible. Just like the bracelet itself, the ID tags are available in various options. All are oval-shaped, but you can choose from different colors so your son or daughter can find something that fits their personal style. Some children choose to wear the same style of bracelet every day but like to switch up the ID tags from time to time.

MedicAlert ID

You likely think that MedicAlert bracelets are just for elderly people. While the elderly population certainly benefits from these bracelets, they are available for people with autism as well.

As with the bracelets from the other brands, you can use this bracelet to communicate your child’s condition and medical needs. Also, you can add emergency contact information.

When you enroll your child or other loved one into the MedicAlert program, you’ll also benefit from the 24/7 Wandering Support Program. This means if your loved one wanders away and cannot be found, the MedicAlert Foundation will work with law enforcement and others to locate the individual. This can provide peace of mind if your child tends to get lost.

There are numerous options for bracelets, and you can even get dog tags if you wish. With so many choices, it’s easy for kids to find something they’re excited about wearing.

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Choose an Autism Bracelet Today

Now is the ideal time to purchase an autism bracelet. Remember, select one that your child will like, get it personalized, and buy a few in case you lose any of them. Also, consider purchasing the bracelets from a top brand so you will get the customization options and features necessary to protect your child.