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Happy Cinco De Mayo

Wishing you and your family a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week aims to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. Immunization saves millions of lives every year and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful health interventions. We remind everyone of its importance and what it has done to improve the health and well-being of everyone.

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Every Kid Healthy Week

Every Kid Healthy Week is celebrated to spotlight all the efforts made to improve the health and wellness of children. It highlights the link between nutrition, physical activity and learning. Healthy kids are better prepared to learn and thrive!

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Autism Awareness Month

This April we proudly recognize National Autism Month! Let’s celebrate the resilience of those with autism & applaud their unique talents! Let’s create better awareness, to inform and encourage communities to celebrate differences, & become more inclusive of individuals with autism. Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech & nonverbal communication. It is reported that approximately 1 in 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an ASD. Early intervention affords the best opportunity to support healthy development including, improve learning, communication and social skills, as well as underlying cerebral development. Many children affected by autism also benefit from other interventions such as speech and occupational therapy.

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World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated to shed light on important matters including mental health, maternal and child care, the importance of healthcare workers, and many more such issues to the forefront. Each year World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th. This year, World Health Day’s campaign aims to build a fair and healthier world. COVID-19 has highlighted the differentiating access to healthcare and the need for quality health care.

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Daily Dose of Inspiration

Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.

~ Carl Friedrich Gauss

From our friends at

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Daily Dose of Inspiration

We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world”.

~Helen Keller

Thank you for the inspiration

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Delivering Personalized Treatment

“It takes a special person to hear what a child cannot say.”

At Hidden Talents ABA, we discover the potential of every child. Our team works together to deliver personalized and comprehensive treatment to track your child’s progress. Learn more about our treatment and about ABA therapy at

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Giving Children a Chance to Succeed

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn and react differently than typical children. Each child possesses their own unique set of challenges, skills, and strengths. ABA is therefore created to pinpoint each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and provide the targeted treatment and intervention. Learn more about Hidden Talents ABA at

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National Social Work Month

March is National Social Work Month. It’s a time to celebrate our workers who are essential in the well-being of our community. Social workers are trained to help people address personal and systemic barrier. They work to create a positive change in the lives of individuals, families, and groups. Social workers provide a voice for equal rights for the weakest of us and connect us to resources when we are in need. We are taking time this month to recognize social workers and the great things they do.

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American Heart Month

Heart disease is the number one killer in Americans. About one in three women are diagnosed with heart disease. Every February, we celebrate American Heart Month to raise awareness about cardiovascular health, and educate others on heart disease and stroke prevention. Prevention is not impossible, you can start by increasing your physical activity and choosing healthier versions of your favorite recipes. Small changes can make a big difference.

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We’re Here For You and Your Child

Hidden Talents ABA provides treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder. Our focus is to help children grow and thrive by improving communication, social and adaptive skills. Learn more about our services at

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